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About Denise, The Fabled Hare's "Handy Chick"

My name is Denise Kelty, relocated from NC to my hometown area of Schoharie County, NY in 2010. As a practicing sculptor & artist since the early 90's, including carpentry and design, there are many mediums I like to work in with an extensive knowledge of building techniques and tool savvy. I studied fine art with a concentration in sculpture and followed it up with a second degree in design. I love problem solving, working with all materials and get a great deal of satisfaction from working with my hands, which is why I enjoy construction remodeling and doing custom work.

My detail oriented design and construction services allow me to work with people in a way that helps them find a way to express their creative and practical needs, immediate, business and personal, as well as my own. I enjoy the diversity that is brought to the work and those wonderful "ah hah!" moments that can occur when working with other people. You can view some samples of my "Handy Chick" work by scrolling down. You can also find more frequently updated project images and feedback on my facebook page, (facebook.com/fabledhandychick).

Contact me today about the project you would like me to do for you. Please send a detailed e-mail including your contact information to deekelty@aol.com and I will get in touch with you as quickly as possible. You can also reach me via my cell-phone, 336.327.6999. I accept text messages too. I look forward to working with you!

Thank you for taking an interest in what I do. I look forward to any positive feedback you may want to share. Come back soon.

Tile Installation Projects

before and after (k's) guest bath...

(before and during)


before and after (k's) master bath...

(before and during)


before and after master bath...

kitchen backsplashes...

showers, floors, walls, and more...

Sample Work Including Hardscape, Stone Setting, Framing, Decking

Sample Work Including Landscape, Hardscape, Tile & Stone Setting, Decorative Cement Wall Stamping, Stone Carving and Custom Sculpture

Stone and Custom Sculpture

Sample Work Including Floors

Sample Work Including Framing, Sub Flooring, Insulating, Sheetrock, Painting & Trim