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About Denise and The Fabled Hare

My name is Denise Kelty. I've been a practicing artist since the early 90's and began graphic design around 1996 as a great addition to the many mediums I like to work in. I studied fine art with a concentration in sculpture and followed it up with a second degree in design. I love problem solving, working with all materials and get a great deal of satisfaction from working with my hands, which is why I also enjoy construction remodeling and custom work.

My graphic design services allowed me to work with people in a way that helps them find a way to express their creative needs, business and personal, as well as my own. I enjoy the diversity that is brought to the work and those wonderful "ah hah!" moments that can occur when working with other people. In the past few years I have moved away from offering graphic design services commercially in order to focus on my personal art and contracting business. This being said, I have omitted nearly all of my graphic design portfolio from this site.

As the Fabled Hare's "Handy Chick", I have been able to put my problem solving skills and tool savvy to practical use in home remodel and carpentry. In this I provide services including exterior and interior structural work, painting, framing, sheetrock, insulation, floor and trim installation, landscape and my favorite, tile and finishing work. I love custom work especially in older homes as well as new construction.

My personal work, Fabled Hare Art and Fire Hare Creations, is a constant evolving body of art. The Hare has been the theme of my work for several years now. I often use the hare to represent myself and tell a story. My grandparents raised rabbits for show, so having grown up around them has influenced my work since. I've always been fond of them and accustomed to their mannerisms. Eventually this, in combination with my interest in celtic and native american folklore, became a way for me to express myself.

Even though I've expanded into many other themes, the hare always seems to find it's way back, lately with friends like crows, owls and even mythical mermaids. I am typically overwhelmed by the number of interests that intrigue my life. Every day is an opportunity to broaden my perspective. It is this that I like to try to embrace and explore. I'd like to think that my work is continually evolving, and so in short will this web site. The more I learn the more I'll tweek, add, edit and redesign as I see aesthetically fit. I hope that you'll continually enjoy the work and process as you would the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

Do to the large amount of content I have for this sight, and knowing that it's only going to keep growing I have decided to break the site down into three separate groups, Fabled Hare Art (2D art), Fire Hare Creations (3D art), and Fabled Hare's "Handy Chick" (construction remodel and carpentry). I will also be taking down older work from time to time to make room for progress and hopefully keep my best foot forward.

If there is a project you would like me to do for you, or artwork that peaks your interest, please email me a detailed note, including your contact information and I will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

You can also visit my Facebook Fabled Hare Art page and my Etsy Store where I'm currently offering prints and greeting cards of my watercolor paintings for sale. Other 2D works, including digital art and photography are available on my Cafe Press Store. For more frequently updated images of my "Handy Chick" work you can visit my Facebook "Handy Chick" page.

Thank you for taking an interest in what I do. I look forward to any positive feedback you may want to share. Come back soon.